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Lancia Delta Integrale Evolution Outdoor Car Cover
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  Welcome to our uk car cover website. Shown above is our very latest amazing product which is being rolled out on our various websites.

We can now offer customers a unique car cover that is not only totally bespoke and individually made to order, but SOFT, STRETCH, BREATHABLE, and made specifically for OUTDOOR use. This is basically an Outdoor cover that fits like a glove, a fit that was in the past only attainable on a stretch Fleece Indoor cover.

Each triple layer cover has an inner, micro-pore membrane and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

4 x sturdy underbody straps ensure the cover is not effected, even by the strongest gales.

Elasticated with a Front AND Rear pull and fixing strap means these covers are like nothing else on the market today.

We can even print in full colour onto the cover so long as you can supply a high quality graphic.

We can also fit an integral car cover alarm that will activate if the cover is removed illegally.

For more information or to see our complete range of fitted and tailored indoor and outdoor car here